Fecha de publicación: 31/05/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
The present disclosure relates to the technical field ofprepared meat products, and in particular to a color pro—tection method for prepared pork chops. The method includesraw meat thawing a trimming a marinade injection stumblingand marinating a stuffing a freezing a slicing and packaginga frozen storage at —l8°C; the marinade is formulated asfollows: based on the mass ratio of raw meat, l—2% salt,O.2—O.4% monosodium glutamate, O.4—O.6% sugar, 0.08—0.12%white pepper, O.4—O.6% sodium tripolyphosphate, 0.08—0.12%sodiunl bicarbonate, 0.15—0.25% ginger* powder, 0.05—0.20%heme, and 28—32% ice water. In the present disclosure, theheme is used for the color protection of prepared.pork chops,and an optimal addition amount thereof is explored througha plurality of experiments; experimental results indicatethat after the prepared pork chops with the heme are thawedrepeatedly, there is no significant difference in smell be—fore and after processing, and flavor has a little change;moreover, there are insignificant differences in redness andyellowness values of the pork chops.