Fecha de publicación: 24/06/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
A beak breaking injection device, comprising a main body, and a fixing assembly and an injection assembly, which are arranged on the main body, wherein a groove (111) is provided on the main body, and a beak breaking assembly (4) for breaking a beak is arranged at the bottom of the groove (111); the fixing assembly comprises a first fixing part (121) and a second fixing part (122), the first fixing part (121) being used for pressing the head of an animal inside the groove (111), and the second fixing part (122) being used for squeezing the neck skin of the animal; and the injection assembly can inject the squeezed neck skin. Compared with a traditional injection device, the present device clamps the rear neck of poultry, such that a liquid injected into a cavity between the skin and meat of the poultry is more easily absorbed, the pressure generated by the injection device in this process is smaller, and it is easy to prick bones if the skin is not squeezed, thus alleviating the problems of a high bleed rate and a high mortality rate under a conventional injection condition, and also preventing the problem of it being easy for the injected liquid medicine to leak out.