Animal feed, use thereof and method of producing said animal feed

Fecha de publicación: 16/06/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
An animal feed comprises diatomaceous earth (DE) particles present in the feed at a particle density of between 0.2 and 600 mg per cm3 of feed. The feed is preferably a dry kibble mix, with the DE particles being distributed within a kibble at a concentration of between 0.1 and 150 mg per kibble. The kibble mix may further comprise a protein composition comprising at least two different animal protein sources isolated from the same animal group, with the kibble mix having a crude protein content of between 20 to 60% by weight. The feed is preferably free of meat by-products, gluten or grain. The DE particles are preferably food grade, comprise 75 to 96% amorphous silica and trace mineral content, and are essentially free of heavy metals. The DE particles may have a mean particle size of 0.1-20µm. The animal feed may be suitable for feeding to a dog, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig or cat. The animal feed may be suitable for use as a prophylactic and therapeutic anthelmintic treatment. The feed in kibble form may be produced by adding and dispersing DE in a kibble mix, and then extruding to form kibbles.