A tissue sampling kit

Fecha de publicación: 14/07/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
A sampling kit includes a sampling device 1 with a handle portion 3 and a scraping portion 4. The scraping portion 4 includes a scraping formation 9 for rubbing against a surface of a tissue e.g. a meat carcass (24, fig 6A) to collect a sample. The sampling device 1 is mountable within a reaction chamber, which may be a cap (15, fig 5) or well (20, fig 8). An internal lumen 5 within the sampling device 1 enables the supply of reaction liquid (17, fig 8) from the device 1 to the reaction volume 20 through a distal aperture 7 in the scraping portion 4. A sample of reaction mixture may be withdrawn from the reaction chamber 20 for DNA analysis. A second embodiment includes multiple sampling devices 1 with scraping portions 4 mountable in wells (20, fig 6C) of a multiwell plate (21, fig 9) with an electronic ID tag (40, fig 9), a robotic system (31, fig 9) to perform sampling of a carcass, and a processor (37, fig 9) to associate an electronic ID of a plate 21 and well 20 with a corresponding carcass.