A skinning device and method for removing skin from an animal carcass

Fecha de publicación: 28/06/2021
Fuente: WIPO Meat
This invention relates to a skinning device (100) for removing skin (204) from an animal carcass, where the skinning device has a housing (101), a manipulation arm (108) extending from the housing, an cutting blade (102), a motor driven tooth roll (103) mounted on the housing having plurality of tooth wheels (105) arranged in axially spaced apart arrangement such that the space (106) between adjacent tooth wheels has a pre-set distance. The tooth wheels have circumferentially arranged teeth (104) projecting outwardly therefrom adapted to grab the skin with the circumferentially arranged teeth and pull it towards the cutting blade. The hand-held meat skinning device further includes a support structure (109) mounted on the housing arranged in proximity to the tooth roll. The support structure is shaped such that at least a portion of the side of the support structure facing the tooth roll has arc-shaped contour essentially following the tooth roll. The support structure is rigidly fixed in relation to the tooth roll and is adapted to engage the skin while the skin is simultaneously being pulled off the carcass. Strippers are arranged (107) in the space of pre-set distance and circumferentially surround at least a space portion (207) where the arc-shaped contour essentially follows the tooth roll.