Woven fabric with high heat retention property

Fecha de publicación: 01/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The tatting fabric with the high heat retention property is a double-layer fabric, grid-shaped patterns are formed in a surface-lining layer changing mode, and the tatting fabric is characterized in that the tatting fabric is formed by interweaving two groups of warp yarns and two groups of weft yarns, the two groups of warp yarns are cotton blended yarns (1), but the colors of the warp yarns aredifferent from that of the weft yarns; the two groups of weft yarns are respectively warm-keeping yarns (4) and hemp yarns (3); and the warm-keeping yarns (4) are formed by twisting alginate fiber blended yarns (5) and self-heating fiber blended yarns (6) together. According to the woven fabric, the alginate fibers are applied to the woven field, and the defects that the alginate fibers absorb moisture and are not easy to dry and low in breaking strength are improved. And the woven woven fabric is high in strength and can quickly absorb moisture and release moisture, so that the alginate fiberis applied to natural skin-friendly, health-care and heat-insulating properties more widely.