Vortex spinning high-wear-resistance yarn

Fecha de publicación: 19/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model discloses a vortex spinning high-abrasion-resistance yarn which comprises a yarn body. The yarn body is of a composite covering yarn structure and comprises core yarn, a transition layer and a wrapping layer. Wherein hemp fibers are used as core fibers of the core yarn, chinlon filaments are used as winding filaments, and the chinlon filaments are spirally wound outside the corefibers to form the core yarn; the transition layer is made of fine-denier aramid yarns; the fine denier aramid fiber yarns are 27D; the wrapping layer is made of bambusa oldhami short fibers; and thebamboo short fiber is spirally wrapped outside the transition layer. The fabric has the functions of moisture absorption, bacteria resistance, ultraviolet resistance and the like, and meanwhile has good wear resistance, high strength and good wrinkle resistance.