Synthesis method of porous magnetic metal oxide/carbon composite wave-absorbing material

Fecha de publicación: 08/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention discloses a synthesis method of a porous magnetic metal oxide/carbon composite wave-absorbing material. The method comprises the following steps of: using porous carbon fibers obtained by roasting plant fibers with stable structures like cotton fibers, hemp fibers, bamboo fibers and the like in a high-temperature protective atmosphere as a carbon source and a template, impregnating nitrates of metals like Fe, Co, Ni and the like, and then performing roasting, thus obtaining the porous magnetic metal oxide/carbon composite wave-absorbing material, and further realizing regulationand control of the loading capacity of Fe3O4, Co3O4, NiO and other magnetic metal oxides in a wide range. The method disclosed by the invention has the advantages that: (1) the raw materials are widein source, renewable and low in cost; (2) the process is simple, the synthesis cost is low, complex synthesis equipment and chemical reagents are not needed, and the method is suitable for industrialproduction; (3) the magnetic components are loaded on the porous carbon, so that the material density is very low; (4) by controlling process conditions, the ratio of the magnetic components to the porous carbon can be regulated and controlled in a relatively wide range; and (5) the composite material has multiple electromagnetic loss mechanisms and is a novel light efficient microwave absorbent.