Fecha de publicación: 29/04/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
A method for extracting compounds, including stable natural cannabinoid acids, from plant material, utilizing terpenes as a saturant is described. The invention includes the excitation of the plant material and terpene solvent with microwave, ultrasound, sonication, heat input, and physical agitation or combinations thereof. The invention particularly covers the process as it relates to the extraction of THC-A, CBG-A, and CBD-A and their derivatives from cannabis and hemp for the use in products for medical and recreational use. The combinations of terpene saturant, plant material strain and process variables can be tuned in order to dial in the final resultant product for several variables including but not limited to terpene content, THC-A, CBG-A or CBD-A potency, ratios of THC-A, CBD-A, CBG-A and their derivatives, or flavor profile.