Sisal hemp carpet gluing control mechanism and control method thereof

Fecha de publicación: 15/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention discloses a sisal hemp carpet gluing control mechanism. The sisal hemp carpet gluing control mechanism comprises a workbench, stand columns are installed on the two sides of the workbench, and a supporting plate is connected between the stand columns; a plurality of glue injection cylinders which are uniformly distributed are arranged on the supporting plate; guide rails are connected to upper portions of the stand columns through a support, and sliding blocks are arranged on the guide rails in a sliding mode; a supporting rod is connected between the sliding blocks, and a plurality of pressure rods are connected to the positions, corresponding to the glue injection cylinders, of the supporting rod; a servo motor is installed on one side of the workbench, and the other side of the workbench is connected with a vertical rod; the output end of the servo motor is sleeved with a first chain wheel, a second chain wheel is arranged above the support, and the first chain wheel and the second chain wheel are connected through a chain; the supporting rod is connected to the chain; and an upper proximity switch and a lower proximity switch are connected to the upper portion ofthe vertical rod and face the supporting rod. Compared with the prior art, the servo motor is matched with the upper proximity switch and the lower proximity switch to control the pushing of the pressure rods, so that the glue injection amount is accurately controlled.