Sesame cake raw material crushing and stirring all-in-one machine

Fecha de publicación: 08/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model discloses a hemp cake raw material crushing and stirring all-in-one machine which comprises a shell, a first motor is arranged at the bottom of the shell, and the first motor is connected with the bottom of a stirring barrel; a stirring device is connected above the stirring barrel; the upper surface of the shell is connected with a crushing device, the crushing device comprisesa crushing box, a crushing groove of a cylindrical structure is formed in the crushing box, and the inner wall of the crushing groove serves as a crushing surface; a crushing roller is arranged in thecrushing groove and is matched with the crushing surface; the axis of the crushing roller is connected with the output end of a third motor; a feeding hole is formed in the top end of the crushing groove. According to the device, raw materials are ground in a manner of relatively rolling the rollers and the inner wall of the grinding groove, a sieve plate consisting of a spherical structure is adopted for screening, and meanwhile, a stabilizing rod is additionally arranged on the stirring device to prevent the rotating structure from being damaged by overlarge resistance during rib discharging during stirring; the device solves the problems that in the prior art, efficiency is low, and a large amount of manpower is consumed, and has the advantages of being high in crushing efficiency, capable of preventing sieve plates from being blocked and capable of reducing labor intensity.