Reaction device for converting tetrahydrocannabinol into cannabinol

Fecha de publicación: 19/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model provides a reaction device for converting tetrahydrocannabinol into cannabinol. The reaction device comprises a shell and a stirring device positioned in the shell, a material mixingpart is arranged at the bottom of the shell and is used for spraying compressed gas into the reaction liquid; and the reaction device also comprises an oxidant storage device connected with the shell. By modifying the existing reaction equipment, the post-treatment problem of the byproduct THC generated in the CBD industrial extraction production process is solved, the THC with addiction in the industrial hemp waste is converted into CBN through a chemical synthesis method, and meanwhile, the harm caused by direct contact with harmful substances by workers in the subsequent process is reduced. The mixing part is arranged at the bottom of the shell, so that the mixing degree between the industrial hemp waste and the oxidizing agent is improved, and the reaction conversion rate is further improved.