Production process of anti-wrinkle textile fabric

Fecha de publicación: 29/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention discloses a production process of an anti-wrinkle textile fabric. The fabric is formed by weaving warp yarns composed of soybean fibers, cotton fibers, hemp fibers and polyurethane and weft yarns composed of soybean fibers, cotton fibers and hemp fibers. The production process of the fabric comprises the following steps of anti-wrinkle treatment of the fibers, spinning, weaving, dyeing, color fixation, drip washing and drying. According to the invention, succinic acid and chloroacetic acid are used as raw materials, lithium substitution diisopropylamine is adopted to carry out lithium substitution on potassium succinate to generate a 2-3 double-lithium-substituted succinic acid intermediate, and then the intermediate reacts with the chloroacetic acid to obtain butanetetracarboxylic acid with the relatively low preparation cost as a raw material of anti-wrinkle finishing liquid; citric acid and the butanetetracarboxylic acid are used in cooperation, so that the prepared anti-wrinkle finishing liquid is good in anti-wrinkle performance, and the problem that textiles treated with the citric acid anti-wrinkle finishing liquid are not washable is also solved; and a softener is added in the anti-wrinkle finishing liquid, so that the elasticity and the comfort degree of the fabric are greatly improved, no pollution is caused, and no harm is caused to the human body.