Photocatalysis Extraction Method for Enriching Cannabidiol from the Wild Hemps

Fecha de publicación: 18/02/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
A novel method is developed to remove wax and terpene from the wild hemp plants to produce enriched cannabidiol (CBD) crude oil with high quality and further purify the crude oil into crystal/isolate with 99.0% content of CBD. The method utilizes titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst for redox reaction under the irradiation of UV (ultraviolet) light in a solvent extraction process of CBD, which significantly removes accompanying wax and terpene. With the beneficial photocatalyst property, the TiO2 decomposes the wax and terpene in the wild hemp crude extract through appropriate UV radiation to induce catalytic reaction at specific PH (potential hydrogen) levels. Through optimizing the photocatalyst dewaxing using TiO2, the method achieves the best dewaxing effect and maximum terpene reduction. Thus, the method offers a low-cost, reusable, and biologically friendly process of removing wax and terpene to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the separation processes in the CBD production.