Packaging and sealing device for rice bran processing

Fecha de publicación: 15/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model discloses a packaging and sealing device for rice bran processing, and relates to the technical field of packaging and sealing. The device comprises a supporting base, a screw rod frame, a threading needle and a packaging bag, the screw rod frame is fixedly mounted on the upper surface of the supporting base; the screw rod frame is sleeved with a plurality of wire clamping heads;the wire clamping head is sleeved and matched with the screw rod; the thread clamping head is in sliding fit with the threading needle; the side surface of the mounting plate is fixedly connected with a threading assembly; the threading assembly comprises a plurality of threading heads; the needle penetrating head is in sliding fit with the wire clamping head. The thread clamping head penetratesthrough the second threading hole, the hemp rope is clamped in the thread clamping groove, the thread clamping head is conveyed into the second groove channel through the lead screw, one end of the hemp rope is tied to the tail of the threading needle to penetrate through the first groove channel, the hemp rope is tensioned and knotted, the hemp rope penetrates through a packaging bag to be sealed, and the hemp rope cannot loosen or fall off. When the bag opening needs to be opened, only the knotted position needs to be cut off and the hemp rope needs to be drawn out, the unsealing operation is simple, and materials are saved.