Novel water stop structure for preventing permanent joints of concrete dam from leaking water

Fecha de publicación: 22/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model discloses a novel water stop structure for preventing a permanent joint of a concrete dam from leaking water, which comprises a high-pressure hole closing plate arranged between damsections and the permanent joint of the dam sections, a copper sheet water stop arranged across the permanent joint, asphalt oil hemp arranged in a copper water stop copper nose, and two copper sheetwater stop ends respectively embedded in the dam sections on two sides, inflatable spherical water stopping parts are arranged at the two ends of the copper water stopping part, and inflatable cavities and anti-seepage reinforcing plates are arranged on the inflatable spherical water stopping parts. According to the structure, through the inflatable spherical water stop and seepage-proofing reinforcing plate arranged at the copper water stop end, when concrete shrinks, deformation is adapted, a contraction joint between the spherical water stop and the concrete can be compressed through inflation, the purpose of closed joint water stop is achieved, construction is convenient, the manufacturing cost is low, and the problem that permanent joints leak water can be effectively prevented.