Novel high-tensile signal transmission drum cable

Fecha de publicación: 08/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention discloses a novel high-tensile signal transmission drum cable, which comprises a cable body, wherein the cable body comprises soft steel wires, a copper wire braided layer and an insulating layer, the copper wire braided layer is provided with the soft steel wires, the outer surface of the copper wire braided layer is sleeved with the insulating layer, the outer surface of the cablebody is sleeved with an inner lining layer, a hemp rope is filled between the inner lining layer and the cable body, the outer side of the inner lining layer is wrapped with a shielding layer, a drainage wire is arranged in the shielding layer, the outer surface of the shielding layer is sleeved with an outer protective sleeve, the outer surface of the outer protective sleeve is sleeved with a steel wire braided layer, and the insulating layer is made of a high-flexibility flame-retardant PVC insulating material, so that the heat resistance, the softness, the flame retardance and the mechanical property of the cable are ensured on the premise of ensuring the excellent electrical insulating property of the cable. The cable provided by the invention has good flexibility, tensile property andmechanical property, and can bear relatively large tensile force and bending.