Fecha de publicación: 12/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
FIELD: food industry.
SUBSTANCE: invention is related to food industry and can be used for flour preparation for confectionary and bakery production. Method involves initial raw material cleaning, peeling and grinding. First, grinding mixture of triticale grain and hemp seeds is made in ratio of 9:1, the finished mixture is milled on roller machines with location of flute sharp point, with rotation speed of fast roller 5.0–7.0 m/s, with ratio of peripheral speeds of fast- and slow-rotating rolls 2.0–3.0, with density of rolls cutting from 4 to 10 pieces per 1 cm, with rifle inclination of 6–8 %, with subsequent sorting of a product of grinding on sieves of different size.
EFFECT: invention usage will allow expanding raw materials base for confectionary and bakery industry.
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