Method for preparing cannabidiol by decarboxylation of cannabidiolic acid in industrial hemp

Fecha de publicación: 26/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention discloses a preparation method for decarboxylating cannabidiolic acid in industrial hemp, belongs to the technical field of plant component extraction and purification, and particularlyrelates to a pretreatment process method for preparing cannabidiol by decarboxylating cannabidiolic acid. A microwave radiation method is used for converting cannabidiolic acid into cannabidiol through cannabidiol acid decarboxylation. The optimal decarboxylation conditions are as follows: the microwave radiation temperature is 60 DEG C, the microwave power is 600W, the microwave radiation time is30 minutes. The decarboxylation rate of the cannabidiol acid is 98 percent or more through liquid chromatography analysis, the conversion rate of the cannabidiolic acid into the cannabidiol is 99 percent, and the cannabidiol structure is analyzed through mass spectrometry. The microwave radiation method is adopted for cannabidiolic acid decarboxylation, cannabidiol can be simply and efficiently obtained through convertion, compared with a heating decarboxylation method, the method has the advantages of being short in time, high in efficiency, low in energy consumption, small in environmentalpollution and the like, and the method is suitable for raw material pretreatment in the pharmaceutical field and industrial production.