Fecha de publicación: 15/04/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The present invention is a cannabidiol oral dosage form including predominantly or exclusively hemp pomace, compounded as a tablet or formulated within a capsule without the addition of synthetic excipients, fillers or other additives, not including the inevitable presence of some moisture and the optional presence of fungal or bacterial probiotics introduced prior to or during dosage form manufacturing, and with or without fermentation of the hemp pomace prior to the dosage form manufacturing process. The dosage forms contain dietary fiber, important to activity as the desired delivery system, having a ratio of one part soluble dietary fiber to 30 parts insoluble dietary fiber and delivers desirable/non hallucinogenic cannabinoids (CBD, CBG) in a ratio of 30:1 up to 120:1 to hallucinogenic cannabinoids (THC).