Hemp rib cylinder gasket for high-horsepower diesel engine

Fecha de publicación: 29/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model discloses a hemp rib cylinder gasket for a high-horsepower diesel engine, which belongs to the field of machinery and comprises a cylinder gasket body and hemp ribs, and the cylindergasket body is provided with a cylinder port, a bolt hole, a water hole, a lubricating oil hole, a high-pressure oil hole and the like according to the specification of a diesel engine. The cylindergasket body is composed of an upper plate, an upper functional plate, a middle plate, a lower functional plate and a lower plate, hemp ribs are arranged at the positions, close to a cylinder opening,of all-corrugated sealing ribs of the upper functional plate and the lower functional plate, a rubber ring is arranged at a high-pressure oil hole, and the upper plate and the lower plate at the rubber ring are of half-corrugated sealing rib structures. The STOPPER layer hemp rib structure is simple in process and convenient to machine, compared with a laser welding STOPPER layer structure, the material cost is reduced, a sealing cooling liquid and lubricating oil are of a half-corrugated rib structure, a high-pressure oil hole is sealed through a half rib and a rubber ring, and therefore oiling sealing is doubly guaranteed.