Formula and preparation process of cannabidiol protein powder

Fecha de publicación: 05/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention discloses a formula and preparation process of cannabidiol protein powder, and relates to the field of protein powder production. The health-care effect of the protein powder is improved. The cannabidiol protein powder specifically comprises the following components: 22 parts of cannabidiol, 280 parts of hemp seed protein powder, 180 parts of whey protein powder, 40 parts of soybeanphosphorus, 8 parts of a flavoring agent, 120 parts of a probiotic protein, 15 parts of oat saponin powder and 30 parts of Chinese yam powder. The preparation process specifically comprises the following steps: performing weighing: weighing the cannabidiol, the hemp seed protein powder, the whey protein powder, the soybean phosphorus, the probiotic protein, the oat saponin powder and the Chinese yam powder in the protein powder formula in parts by weight for later use; and performing sterilizing: sterilizing the weighed raw materials. The probiotic protein is adopted in the prepared protein powder, so that the protein powder has the effect of promoting metabolism, and is favorable for generation of new tissues in the body, repairing cells and constructing tissues to form all cells and tissues in the body, and maintaining normal functions and metabolism of the cells.