Fecha de publicación: 10/03/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The equipment is composed of frame 1, feed table 2, cover 3, and a number of guide rollers: a pair of rollers for guiding the stalks 4, stationary, fixed on the bearings 14, the upper shaft being driven by means of the chain pulley 13 and being provided with discs 15 and rubber sleeves 16 and the separation discs 17, a pair of flattening rollers 5, a pair of splitting rollers 6, a pair of crushing rollers 7, provided with spotfaces and with the U5 profiles 20 mounted using the screws 21, respectively with T3 profiles 18 mounted using the screws 19, a pair of detachment rollers 8, the second pair of crushing rollers 9, the second pair of detachment rollers 10, the third pair of crushing rollers 11 and the vibrating conveyor with bars for chaff removing 12.