Easy-hygroscopicity vortex spinning yarn

Fecha de publicación: 15/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The vortex spinning yarn easy to absorb moisture comprises polyester fibers, a second winding layer is wound outside the polyester fibers, a first winding layer is wound outside the second winding layer, the second winding layer comprises cotton fibers and sisal hemp fibers, and the first winding layer comprises polynosic viscose fibers and polyurethane elastic fibers. Through two times of vortexspinning operation, the first winding layer and the second winding layer are wound, and the double-layer structures are complementary to each other, so that the spun yarn has high water absorption andelasticity; and the graphene ice silk is added into the polyester fiber, so that the touch feeling of the spun yarn is improved.