Cutting guide device of China-hemp combine harvester

Fecha de publicación: 29/12/2020
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The utility model belongs to the technical field of cutting equipment, and particularly relates to a cutting guide device of a China hemp combine harvester, which comprises a power device, a tensioning support device is arranged in front of the power device, a rack connecting plate and a rack connecting frame are sequentially arranged above the tensioning support device, and the rack connecting plate is connected with the rack connecting frame. Wherein the tensioning supporting device, the guide chain wheel, the cutting shifting teeth, the guide chain, the middle spacer sleeve, the cutting chain, the bisecting plate and the bearing with the square seat are movably connected to one side of the cabinet body, a rotating handle is connected to one end of the rotating handle, a first connectingshaft is connected to one end of the rotating handle, and the power device is provided with a power source part for providing power. And the power source part is connected with an adapter through a V-shaped belt. According to the cutting guide device of the China-hemp combine harvester, it can be guaranteed that harvested China-hemp is smoothly and stably conveyed to a follow-up conveying and separating system according to a guide mode, automation is achieved, and the cutting guide device is the primary part of the China-hemp combine harvester.