Cosmetic smearing device containing industrial hemp

Fecha de publicación: 05/01/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
The invention belongs to the technical field of cosmetic use, particularly relates to a cosmetic smearing device containing industrial hemp. The invention aims to solve the problem that the existing cosmetic smearing device cannot control the cosmetic extrusion amount. According to the technical scheme, the cosmetic smearing device comprises a shell, wherein a mounting groove is formed in the center of the bottom of the shell, and an L-shaped through groove is formed in the center of the inner wall of the top of the mounting groove; a cosmetic tank body is movably installed in the installationgroove, a connecting pipe is installed at the top of the cosmetic tank body in a threaded mode, the connecting pipe penetrates through the L-shaped through groove and extends out of the shell, the connecting pipe is communicated with the cosmetic tank body, two cavities are formed in the shell, and the installation groove is located between the two cavities. The device is compact in structure, reasonable in design and convenient to use, wherein cosmetics of different sizes and heights can be fixed, the cosmetic mud flat can be smeared on the smearing block without manual pressing, and the problems that the cosmetics are accumulated and are not prone to spreading out, and smearing is uneven are solved.