Fecha de publicación: 18/03/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
A cannabinoid composition for reducing the pathogenic microbial load of a subject. The cannabinoid composition includes purified water, full spectrum hemp extract having a between 30-70% cannabidiol concentration, which is predominately Cannabidiol, 200-800 mg and bioactive amounts of crofelemer and bioactive amounts of organosulfur compounds. Preferably, the Crofelemer is derived from Ajo Sacha paste, which naturally includes bioactive amounts of Crofelemer extracted from the latex of Croton lechleri. The paste is dissolved in the water in a final concentration of 600 mg paste per 60 ml (2 oz) finished product. The organosulfur preferably is derived from Sangre de Grado and added in a standardized aqueous commercial form at a concentration of 0.5 ml per 60 ml of the finished product and an excipient. This yields a cannabinoid composition with detectable and bioactive amounts of Crofelemer and organosulfur compounds. The cannabinoid composition is packaged in an oral dropper bottle.