A process for producing a non-woven grass fibre product

Fecha de publicación: 03/03/2021
Fuente: WIPO "hemp"
Process of producing non-woven grass fibre product comprising providing grass fibre biomass from aerobic fermentation of a meadow grass slurry and removal of digestible elements released during the fermentation, mixing and shaping the grass fibre biomass to form a non-woven grass fibre mat and binding and drying the mat to form the non-woven grass fibre product. There me be an additional step of adding non-fermented grass to the grass fibre biomass prior to mixing and shaping, with 10%-50% by weight being non-fermented grass. The biomass may have a moisture content of 5%-15% by weight and the fibres may be 1-30mm. the biomass may comprise a fire-retardant material. The grass may be selected from sisal grass, jute grass, hemp grass, cereal wheat grass of flax grass, or any combination. Also claimed is non-woven grass fibre product with solid 3-dimensional structure with density 30-80kg/m3, comprising aerobically fermented meadow grass fibre biomass depleted in digestible material, non-fermented grass and a binder. The product may be used as filler for a mattress, acoustic insulation material, thermal insulation material and packaging.