Argentina will put $106 million into research of hemp, medical cannabis

Fecha de publicación: 12/01/2023
Fuente: Hemptoday
Lugar: Latin America
Argentina’s Ministry of Science said it will invest more than $106 million in 13 research and development projects in hemp and cannabis across six provinces.
National and provincial governments, municipalities, civil society organizations, NGOs, and cooperatives are to receive funding under the program, which also is to establish an Industrial Hemp Round Table.
Minister of Science Daniel Filmus emphasized the initiative “aims at federalizing research projects in the topics that we consider central from Conicet and the Ministry.”
In addition to Conicet, a government-organized technology company established to advance the industrial hemp and medical cannabis sectors, the investment project includes the University of Buenos Aires, the National University of Litoral, and the National University of Hurlingham.
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