2022 Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference: December Program

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2022 Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference: December Program
Sponsored by Avivatech & Millipore Sigma
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Potency Inflation: The Problem, the Causes and the Solutions

Sarah Otis, Quality, R&D Manager, Anresco Laboratories
Erik Paulson, Ph.D., Lab Manager, InfiniteCAL

THC potency inflation by third-party testing labs has been an escalating feature of the cannabis industry since its legalization. In California, market forces and lack of regulation have allowed potency inflation to intensify in both its flagrancy and its pervasiveness, particularly within the last year. Two third-party testing labs in California, InfiniteCAL and Anresco, discuss how the industry got to this point, the different methods that labs use to inflate potency, and steps that can be taken to combat it.
TechTalk: Avivatech

Shawn Kruger, Senior Vice President of Product & Strategy, Avivatech

The Laboratory Information Landscape in Cannabis Testing

James Brennan, Sales & Marketing Specialist, LabWare
Eugene Olkhov, Data Scientist, LabWare

This presentation will guide attendees through the data continuum in modern cannabis testing laboratories supported by various software solutions. The presenters will describe the business and regulatory benefits of laboratory informatics and system deployment options, challenges, and financial considerations.

The current flow of cannabis testing data
An overview of informatics solutions for cannabis testing labs
Laboratory informatics and regulatory compliance
The impact of digital transformation on cannabis testing data

TechTalk: MilliporeSigma
Cannabis Testing Regulations & Implications for Environmental Monitoring

Sarah Powell Price, Regulatory Expert for Food Safety & Cannabis for North America, MilliporeSigma
Anne Connors Weeks, Senior Field Marketing Manager, MilliporeSigma

Cannabis testing requirements are continuously evolving, as are analyte detection capabilities.  This presentation provides a high level overview of the latest US cannabis testing regulatory landscape and how environmental monitoring is an essential component of safety and compliance planning.
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