Medicinal plant essential oils associated with biofilm to protect papaya fruits

Fuente: Food Science and Technology (Campinas)
Abstract The objective of this work was to associate the use of biofilms to Lippia sidoides (Lippia) and Morinda citrifolia (Noni) essential oils and their respective major constituents in post-harvest quality components. The evaluations in this study were chromatographic analysis the essential oils, fruit mass reduction effect, total soluble solids, peel color and fruit firmness. Regarding the adjustment and viability of the essential oil concentrations to be used in the treatments, a phytotoxicity test was performed. The main constituent found in Noni essential oil was octanoic acid, while for Lippia essential oil was thymol. The concentration of 3% of Noni and Lippia essential oils was the maximum to reach an acceptable level of phytotoxicity on papaya fruit peel. The paraffin + L. sidoides and paraffin + M. citrifolia treatments achieved the lowest reduction in pulp mass. In relation to total soluble solids, treatments did not show a significant difference. The best result for firmness was found in sunflower oil + noni coating. Sunflower oil + noni and sunflower oil + octanoic acid were the treatments that maintained normal yellow color in fruits for longer time.