eJHS Volume 86/1 (February 2021)

Fecha de publicación: 18/02/2021
Fuente: ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science)
Post date: Thursday 18 February 2021
ISHS Secretariat

Check out the new issue of eJHS online at https://www.pubhort.org/ejhs/ (Volume 86, issue 1, February 2021) including the following articles:
Encouraging of embryo development and seed germination in Actaea racemosa L. by gibberellic acid https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.1
Germination and seedlings response of bermudagrasses under water submersion https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.2
An improved micropropagation via nodal segments of Zingiber officinale https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.3
Microscopic evidence of Nectriaceae and other microbes in infected fine root tissue of replant diseased apple plants https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.4
Rootstocks induce shifts in tree vigor, yield and berry quality of 'Summer Black' grapevines https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.5
Chemometric characterization of monovarietal olive oils obtained from local varieties in Castilla-La Mancha region (Spain) https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.6
Plant protection in private gardens in Germany: between growing environmental awareness, knowledge and actual behaviour https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.7
Role of antioxidant enzymes and plant performances towards heavy metal stress in ornamental sunflower by vermicompost implementation https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.8
Foliar application of sodium nitroprusside and salicylic acid alleviates the adverse effects of alkaline soil on roses https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.9
Tree-adapted mechanical flower thinning prevents yield loss caused by over-thinning of trees with low flower set in apple https://doi.org/10.17660/eJHS.2021/86.1.10

The Editorial of Volume 86 Issue 1 features an introductory statement by the incoming Editor in Chief, Prof. Dr. Henryk Flachowsky as well as a tribute to Prof. Dr. Jens Wünsche, Editor in Chief until the end of 2020, who sadly passed away on 27 January 2021.

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