Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer Office

Our Technology Transfer Office plays a major role in the general context of our R&D activity. Its permanent contact with our client companies, its deep knowledge of the agrifood sector and its strategic location – in close contact with the Portuguese market – are invaluable assets. Add to this the excellence of its facilities, which allows us to offer our clients a whole new range of activities such as exhibitions (of products and services), private meetings, development of private processes or products by experts and technicians coming from the client companies themselves (in collaboration with CTAEX experts) and numerous other possibilities depending basically on the demands of our clients. Furthermore, the impact our work has on the press (general, specialized and digital – newspapers, magazines, internet and scientific journals) is a clear indicator of the trust national and international companies put in us and therefore a reliable image for those businesses wishing to enter the markets we already operate in or simple to transmit an image of freshness and innovation. In order to do this CTAEX relies on two core pillars:

1. TECHNOLOGICAL MONITORING / SURVEILLANCE: this is an invaluable tool for R&D+i as it allows ideas to generate and flow, in other words, it establishes the foundations upon which all projects are built and developed so they can result in new products, services or processes for the company. Besides, this tool enables us to:

  • Conduct a systematic observation to look for any signs of change and/or recent innovations in the areas of data collection, selection, analysis, disclosure and communications with a view to a conscious decision making process and to the correct follow-up study on how results are being implemented and explored
  • Keep up with the latest technical and scientific findings to assess whether they pose a threat or an opportunity
  • Analyse the latest findings on the development of new products, services and processes
  • Look for technological solutions for the problems faced by the company

2. TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER: once the ideas and their following projects are in motion, it is important to disclose the resulting information, either through the implementation of training programmes – aiming at rendering the whole sector in general and the agrifood R&D+i market in particular more dynamic – or by stimulating cooperation networks (both sectorial and cross-sectorial) and other activities to promote a closer cooperation with Universities, other R&D centres and companies.



  • Continuous training for agrifood industry workers: food handlers; tomato quality controllers; etc
  • Organization of customized training courses to fit the needs of different companies and agrifood businesses
  • Agreements with private and state Universities, as well as with other training entities with a view to developing and implementing teaching practice programmes
  • Organization of technology transfer workshops
  • Technical consultancy services on R&D+I competitive tendering
  • Surveys on technological demands
  • Reports on technological monitoring / surveillance
  • Retrospective analysis
  • Information alerts
  • Sectorial monitoring / surveillance
  • Ad hoc monitoring
  • Technological surveillance products: newsletters; periodic publications; etc
  • Competitive, comercial, technological and environmental monitoring
  • Disclosure of innovations
  • Organization of sectorial debates
  • Technological observatorios
  • Sectorial webs with updated information
  • Technological updating: legislative and sectorial
  • Research Results Transfer
  • Development of technological surveillance plans
  • Sectorial databases available for consult
  • Business meetings
  • Presentation and demonstration of new products
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Tastings
  • Organizad samplings
  • Organization of press conferences for businesses operating in the sector.


The main clients of this department are agrifood companies and public administration entities interested in providing refresher courses to their employees or in implementing a new department for which specific and professional training is required.
As far as results transfer is concerned, the number of companies and public institutions that now regard information transfer as essential to the development of new projects and researches, new products and trends, legislation, events, etc. is increasing rapidly as evidenced by the growing demands that we are asked to meet everyday.
In order to promote innovation and stimulate interest in research, CTAEX has created the “CTAEX Awards” – a distinction intended to praise and reward all those whose contribution to the area of agrifood innovation has proved to be of relevance to the industry. Being one of the most important events in the sector, these awards have allowed many companies, experts, technicians and research-eager students to learn and to share their innovation projects, their skills and their knowledge.


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