Pilot Plant

Pilot plant

  • Vegetable raw material reception and processing room
  • Vegetable processing chain (brightener, refrigerator, freezing tunnel)
  • Industry kitchen (cookers, steam cabin, vacuum cooker)
  • Aseptic processing and packaging line for vegetables and fruit juice and concentrates
  • Meat processing room (cutter, inyector, mincer, malaxator)
  • Precooked products room (forming unit, extrusion equipment, flour equipment, temperature applicator, bakery equipment, deep fryer)
  • Heat treatment (tubular pasteurization equipment, scraped surface, plates, rotative autoclave, ovens)
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (thermo sealant, gas mixer)
  • Experimental mill for making olive oil
  • Dairy products and cheese line
  • Other equipment (homogeneity equipment, colloid mill, hammermill)
  • Room for dosimetry
  • Storage chamber (refrigeration, freezing)
  • Temperature chambers and damp chambers for conservation studies

Sensory analysis laboratory

Individual cabins that are provided with an automatic collecting data system


Experimental kitchen

  • Convection mixed ovens – steam
  • Microwave
  • Convectional kitchen
  • Griddle
  • Frying pan
  • Kneading equipment, storage chamber
  • Pantry
  • Dosimetry


Villafranco del Guadiana (Badajoz)

 Ctra. Villafranco a Balboa Km 1,2 E-06195

 924 448 077


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